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How Are Flood Risks Defined?

It is important to recognize high-risk areas so that you can be prepared to deal with flood damage serving Salt Lake City. It also helps to understand the different levels of risk so you can get an idea of how often you may experience flooding. Read on for a closer look at how flood risks are defined.

Special Flood Hazard Area flood damage Salt Lake City

If you live in a special flood hazard area, you may be at serious risk for flooding at any given time. Over the course of thirty years, you will experience a roughly 25 percent chance of flooding. Homeowners who live in this type of high-risk area will typically need to purchase flood insurance. This is not only a wise idea, but it is also mandated by law in certain areas. Special flood hazard areas are the most vulnerable areas when it comes to flood risk, so it is wise to prepare accordingly.

Non-Special Flood Hazard Area

While not as risky as special flood hazard areas, non-special flood hazard areas may still present a moderate amount of risk. Although these areas typically do not require you to purchase flood insurance, many homeowners feel more comfortable with the extra level of protection. If you live in certain non-special flood hazard areas, you might actually experience a relatively low risk for flooding. It is a good idea to be prepared nonetheless, and it helps to keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Undefined Risk Areas

Some areas may experience some sort of risk for flooding, but a lack of analysis prevents experts from determining the exact nature of the risk. This does not mean that flood insurance is less important in these areas, since a flood can still feasibly occur in undetermined risk areas.

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