We provide emergency mitigation services 24/7/365, and set the standard for exceptional reconstruction services including: natural disaster, fire, water, wind, hail, mold, and much more!

Reasons to Hire a Disaster Cleanup Company

In the aftermath of a flood or other natural disaster, you may be faced with an extensive cleanup project. Rather than attempting to clean up the damage on your own, you should be sure to hire a company offering Utah disaster cleanup in Salt Lake City. There are many advantages to trusting your home restoration services to the professionals. With professional flood damage restoration, you can rest assured that your home is being repaired with state of the art equipment and techniques. In addition, the thorough services of a disaster cleanup company will allow you to restore your home to its ...
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Preparing Your Home for Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fall has arrived which means winter is around the corner in Salt Lake City. As you prepare yourself for the cold temperatures and dust off your coat and boots from the back of the closet, don’t forget to do the same for your home. The winter season can lead to flood damage in Salt Lake City homes if they’re not properly prepared. Make sure your pipes are insulated or covered to reduce the chances of them freezing and bursting, which would lead to the need for water damage repairs. If you’re going out of town for vacation or for the whole season, drain your faucets and make ...
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Understanding the Common Causes of Flood Damage

Flood damage is a serious concern for any homeowner. Whether flooding has been caused by a plumbing emergency or natural disaster, it is highly important to trust your repairs to a company offering home restoration services near Salt Lake City. With the assistance of a team of technicians who are trained in the proper techniques of flood damage restoration, you will be able to restore your home to livable condition as quickly as possible. Read on for a closer look at the common causes of flood damage. Heavy Rain Heavy rain is among the most common causes of flood damage. When a serious storm ...
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Reasons to Trust Your Smoke Damage Cleanup to the Professionals

A house fire can be a highly traumatic experience for you and your loved ones. In the event that you experience a fire in your home, you will want to contact a company specializing in fire damage near Salt Lake City as soon as possible after the incident. By trusting your fire damage repair to a highly rated restoration company, you will be able to resume your normal life in no time flat. To highlight the advantages of scheduling smoke damage repair services, here is a look at some reasons that you should trust your fire and smoke damage cleanup to the professionals. Prevent Further Damage One ...
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The Disaster Recovery Process

A natural disaster can leave you with extensive flood damage and other disaster cleanup needs. Whether your home has been affected by water damage or fire, the experts at a home restoration company will be there to help you. At Utah Disaster Kleenup, we have more than four decades of experience providing disaster cleanup in Salt Lake City. When you contact our company for your natural disaster restoration needs, your service will start with a full assessment of the damage. After we have evaluated the extent of the damage to your home, we will be able to outline a home restoration plan. With ...
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